Flowers and flowers, the number of warm stories in it; the long stream, how many warm stories far away; in this energetic day, you are quietly warm by the number of people.
Warmth is a kind of warmth, is a kind of enjoyment, is a tender care, care brings physical and mental blend, and feel comfortable, happy and moving. Spring is a season full of vitality and vitality. Everything is revival and vigorous.
Warm spring brand is the rising star in home textile industry. High quality, quality and credibility are the foundation of brand. Warm spring is to integrate the sincere care of people, family and life into every product, permeate all aspects of the brand, and bring spring warmth and care to every consumer. Warm spring advocates the love of family, life, optimism and sunshine.
Warm spring has been striving to become an excellent fashion communicator of silkworm products, aiming to create "excellent, fashionable and convenient" home textiles.